How to use terminal on Android to download YouTube videos?

In this tutorial we'll be using a terminal emulator for Android and a powerful python package to download YouTube videos.

So after this tutorial you can uninstall those annoying applications that do the same job but aren't always as clean and smooth as our program will be, and I'm sure you'll believe this by the end of the tutorial.

Prerequisite  for this tutorial: 1) Termux and YouTube application on your Android device.
2) Basic terminal commands knowledge.
3) At max 30mins of your time.

What exactly are we doing here? We'll we downloading our favorite YouTube video on our Android device!
Exciting ? No! There is many applications to do that right!
So, to spice this up we'll be doing this from our Android device's terminal.
Just wait! we don't have a terminal on Android. But, we can get a powerful terminal emulator called Termux to get the job done.

Lets begin! Part 1 of 3: Project SetupDownload Termux from here.Download a file browser like ES File Exp…

Google Photos, is more than just for backup!

Does Google photos only backup photos? The answer is NO!, Google Photos is way more than just to a tool to backup photos, with the latest integration with Google Assistant we now get suggestions related to the photos as well.
Here's an image I recently captured during a sort visit to Mumbai at the CST. I used the Asus ZMP1 (Zenphone Max Pro 1) using Google Camera (how to get Google Camera on this phone, read more here). 
Image (Before Uploading to Google Photos) (Untouched)
What happens after a few minutes later is this.
I get a Google Photos suggestions notification on Google Photos for Android, that this image can be given some effects to look better, and you guessed it right "Google Photos" has done it already for you and wants you to review it and save it.
Below is the Stylized photo as Google Photos calls it.
Stylized photo (Few minutes later, with applied suggested effects to the photo)

Now you have all the time to scroll between the images and let me know, how diffe…

Google Camera Samples from Asus Zephone Max Pro 1

Want to get the best of the Asus ZMP1  ? Then try the Google Camera API hack and get the best of your phone. The images quality with Google Camera port are far better then the stock camera.

Link to Enable the Google API:

Checkout some sample images (Google Camera):